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With ZwemcoCloud, you can quickly and easily make your pool smart. Enjoy your pool to the fullest without any worries!

A ZwemcoCloud installation is required to use the app.

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With ZwemcoCloud, you can easily control your entire pool with your smartphone using smart WiFi switches in your technical installation. You can also easily set up automations so that you no longer have to perform repetitive tasks manually for your pool.


Optimal Filtration

Use smart scheduling to optimize filtration during both summer and winter.



Control your lights from your terrace or have them automatically turn on at sunset.


Cover Control

Open or close your pool cover with the press of a button.
* Safety regulations apply.



Smart automations allow you to fully enjoy your pool!


Energy Monitoring

Get an overview of your pool's energy consumption.


Smart Heating

Heat your pool using your surplus solar energy.

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Automatisatie - Zomerschema
Automatisatie - Winterschema


The dashboard provides an overview of the key data of your pool, such as temperature, water quality, device control, and consumption.

Variable Speed Pump Control

In the detailed menus, you can easily control other modules (variable speed pump, RGB lighting, etc.) and view energy consumption.


In the automation menu, you can see the proposed summer and winter schedules for your pump, some suggested scenes, or easily create your own scenes.

Summer Filtration Schedule

The summer schedule is automatically calculated based on your pool volume and pump type. ZwemcoCloud then calculates the optimal filtration times.

Winter Filtration Schedule

Using the same principle as the summer schedule, 4 time schedules are created for winter to prevent freezing during active winterization.


On the account page, you can find some information about your pool and adjust settings such as the pin code for cover control and notifications.


Your current installation,
just smarter.

  • Dynamic filtration schedules for summer and winter, automatically calculated based on your pool.
  • Easy control of your lighting, both white and RGB.
  • Easy control of your pool cover.
  • Smart automation with suggested scenes.

Monitor the energy consumption
of your pool


Highly accurate consumption measurement to know exactly how much energy your pool consumes.


Built-in safety features, such as protection against high internal temperature and overcurrent.


Heat your pool
with your solar energy

  • Integration with smart P1 meters for your Fluvius digital meter.
  • Heat your pool using the surplus solar energy from your solar panels, for free!
  • Possible integration with heat pumps from ZwemcoPool, Fairland (PPG, BWT, ...), Aquark (Mr. Silence), and Duratech (DuraPro and Dura+i).


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Still have another question? Get in touch!

ZwemcoCloud can be installed on almost all pool installations. However, for integration with dosing systems, variable speed pumps, and heat pumps, we limit ourselves to a few products to provide an optimal experience. You can find the supported products on our webshop under the respective article. Feel free to contact us for more information.

You need basic knowledge to connect the ZwemcoCloud control cabinets. We provide clear diagrams that make it easy to do it yourself.

If you prefer an installation service by our team, feel free to contact us for a quote.

No! Currently, we do not charge any subscription fees for using ZwemcoCloud. Additionally, you will receive free software updates after installation. ZwemcoCloud only gets better over time!

* This is not a guarantee or binding condition. However, due to recurring costs we have for servers, there may be a small subscription fee in the future for advanced features.

Not ideal, but not a disaster! In most cases, we ensure that any physical switches in the technical room continue to work. However, if the internet connection is down for a long time, keep in mind that no automations or similar actions can be performed without an internet connection.

Of course! We offer free support via email or phone, and depending on the issue, we can also provide on-site assistance. Travel costs may apply for on-site visits.